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Ich bin Renate, Haupt-Dreadhead bei Dreadshop. Vor 18 Jahren trug ich zum ersten Mal synthetische Dreads und war sofort süchtig danach. Zahlreiche Dreads folgten, bevor ich sie selbst entstehen lassen konnte, da ich immer nach Perfektion strebe. Seit 2016 trage ich echte Dreads und ich liebe es! In 2004 startete ich mit Dreadshop, mit dem ich auch schnell den internationalen Markt eroberte. Es passt so gut zu mir, denn ich bin unternehmend, kreativ, ehrgeizig und reiselustig.

Für mich ist wichtig, dass jeder so bleibt wie er ist, sowohl das Aussehen als auch seine Einstellung. Und ich möchte auch zu einer besseren Umwelt und Lebensumgebung beitragen, indem ich andere behandele, wie ich selbst auch behandelt werden möchte. Aber auch durch das Anbieten von Produkten, die meinen Kunden mehr Selbstsicherheit geben. Auch Produkte, die ich selbst getestet habe und die auch eine entsprechend hohe Qualität haben. Ich bin täglich mit meiner Arbeit beschäftigt und dankbar dafür, dass es sich für mich immer noch wie ein Hobby anfühlt.

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OMG! This video was a hell of a project! It took me a lot of time to record and edit it. BUT when all was done, my computer crashed while exporting this video...
It took me HOURS before I finally managed to save the file. But hey, it's here!!! I'm glad that I didn't have to re-edit it all over... AND, I'm really happy with the result of the video. 😁
As I'm explaining on a daily basis how you can wash your Dreadlocks and that a good washing routine is very important, I thought it might be helpful to show you mine!
You can checkout the video on YouTube.com/Dreadshop or head to my story for the Swipe Up option.
Hope this helps you!
Of course this is my routine and yours can differ.
The products that I'm using are all available at my website Dreadshop.com
I'm always happy to give you personal advice about your Dreads and would love to answer any questions that you have about your washing routine.
Let me know if you have any! Feel free to send me a DM!
-X- RenateThere's a new Dreadset available!!
Dreadset Mahogany Brew
In collab with @mykeltrent we created this lovely combination of Dreadcolours.
Check it out at Dreadshop.com and leave ❤️ if you like it.
-X- RenateDo you wanna be yourself, look how you want to look and express yourself?
Without the negatives?
Which negatives are you afraid for?
That people will judge you?
That people will think you're different?
Well, you are different! 
Nobody is the same, we're all unique!
And you're good how you are!
Be the best version of yourself.
Be you.
Be unique.
And express yourself.
And you know what?
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss -
-X- RenateWow, thank you all so much for following me!
The last few weeks have been crazy!
So many new followers, it's an honor!
So let's introduce myself (again) for you!
I'm Renate.
Dreadshop is my company and I'm into Dreads for about 18 years now.
Started off with Box Braids and Synthetic Dreads, installed thousands of heads with Synthetic Dreads.
Have worn all Synthetic Dreadlock colour combinations myself as well.
Later on I started with Real Dreads as well and 2.5 years ago I've had my own Real Dreads done as well. I went to Ann-Marie from @seienstyle for that and last year I've followed her course as well.
I love Dreads, I love my work and I love to create Dreads and Dreadheads.
I've created my webshop Dreadshop.com with all products that I love.
And at the moment I'm in the process of developing my own Perfect Synthetic Dreadlock! Stay tuned for that!
I also love to advice about everything that comes with Dreads as well.
So if you have any questions, need any information, feel free to send me a DM!
Oh, and I'm a Dutchie! My Dreadshop Salon is based in the Netherlands and at the moment I live temporary in Melbourne, Australia, where I have my home Salon as well.
I hope to inspire you with my work.
Once again, thanks for your follow!
-X- RenateI hope you had a great Easter Weekend!
It was nice to have some time off.
I really enjoyed the chill mode that me and my family were in.
But today was back to work again.
I've received some gorgeous photos from @rj.and.r 
So I uploaded this to the Dreadset Sweet Sunrise.
Totally getting the Spring season vibe with this look!
-X- RenateHope you're enjoying this Easter weekend!
For us no big family Brunches as we're at the other side of the world. 
Just a chill weekend with my own little family Down Under.
Enjoy your time off!
-X- Renate
Photo information
Model: @beth_drozda 
Photographer: @preston_yarger 
Dreads: Dreadset Just BlackI've posted this updo video before, but now that there are so many new followers I'm posting it again as I love it and wanna share it!
Do you like to be creative with your dreads?
I'm planning on making some more updo-video's, any requests? Let me know!
-X- RenateThis is @amyroseaugust , she visited our Dutch Salon for the fourth time.
This time she came to use her synthetic dreads for the last time.
In July she has an appointment in our Salon for her Real Dreads!
An exciting but super fun step for her!
See you then Amarens!
-X- RenateToday is the last chance to enter the 2 Giveaways that are happening!
One of these Giveaways is this Accent Set by @liza_locs 🌸
Checkout her profile to join! If you already did that, good luck!
-X- RenateThe advantage of Synthetic Dreads is that they're easy to braid in and easy to take out again. Reusable, so you can differ in style and colours.
They don't harm your hair, which is great of course!
Synthetic Dreads can be braid in with different methods.
We've made plenty of tutorials for you!
Checkout all these videos on YouTube.com/Dreadshop
What style and colour do you like?
-X- Renate
Photo Information:
Model: @oheyits.annadee 
Photographer: @anoukdyonnephotography 
Dreads: Dreadset Nala